Wednesday, April 27, 2011



Short post .. to dust off the cobwebs on this blog and for this ramble bouncing about my head for a little while now.

Have you ever thought about life as a jigsaw puzzle? A much bigger picture we are all only tiny pieces adding a little bit to the overall scene. We are puzzle pieces each with our own unique make up, shape, visual input to the bigger end.

Imagine the amazement life brings then when we meet individuals who fit us so well be it in friendships, or love, or even born family bonds .. and even those we sorta make work by working at it till its a wedged in fit and somehow even though it might not be the right fit the puzzle still turns out alright :)

Now I know there are a few flaws in my theory for I think every person can improve our life .. be it in good ways .. or making us stronger for the bad ways.. so to have only a few pieces truly fit is I acknowledge as incorrect as many can mold our position overall. However for the purpose in which I have this ramble .. imagining us as pieces of a bigger picture is one I can visualize.

Just a thought to ponder as new faces and old come and go out of our life that what a treasure it is to be part of something much larger than our curves and indentations, and how astonishing it is to find someone in the whole worldbox of jigsaws that is an ideal fit to who you are.

That's my wayward ramble for today.. thanks for reading it :D


Life it shapes us
molds our position
rounds out our edges
and shows disposition

making each person
our own special shape
unique to fill in
our own special place

amazing is when
life blesses a bit
that perfect jigsaw
soul with you fits

their own indentations
mesh well with your curves
with two fitting together
bigger picture is learned

Life is a puzzle
we all play a piece
when souls click together
that's truly unique

Treasure your jigsaw
family and friends
fitting with you for
a joy never ends

( c ) Rosa Gardner

Monday, March 21, 2011

Deeper Look

In a room for waiting,
a tired man does sit
his clothes are dirty rags,
that barely seem to fit

he has a haggered face,
with whiskers needing care
the lady he sat next too
is disgusted that hes there

With obvious wrong judgement
she rises from her chair
and settles again across the room
no compassion shared

What makes us so foolish
to react without the facts
to judge those less fortunate
shows very little tact

Heart leads my actions
I take the empty seat
and strike up conversation
and learn hes very sweet

A down on his luck guy
struggling with life's fate
lost his job and home
to unintentioned mistakes

Made amends and paid his dues
a changed man of good heart
taking the steps to recoup for
his life's positive restart

With a voice most loud I say
to that lady across the way
Did you hear what he shared today
now ain't it somethin' you moved away.

What makes us so foolish
to react without the facts
to judge those less fortunate
shows very little tact

Don't move away like he's a crook
there's more there with a deeper look
He's not a vilain , nor a bum
this sweet dear man is SOMEONE

( c ) Rosa Gardner

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Handle Writ Care


I'd been in my new home about three months when I finally got around to sorting out the last box of "stuff" I'd brought from my old home. The box contained photos of family, various saved holiday and birthday cards with loved ones penned signature, and odd collection of "what was I thinking saving this" items.. however deep in the contents I came across a stack of envelopes with a small balloon string holding them all in place. I didn't know it at the time, but this would prove to be one of my greatest rediscovered treasures.

Inside the envelopes were letters from my Father, all hand written and shared at a time he had recently moved out of state and was corresponding home. His content was generic in its ..exact details and yet specific for matters of his point of view on tackling the issues of life he faced then, coping with distance from his family, the sights and sounds of a new place.

As I sat and read each letter, I marveled at how this small effort of a note hand written from my Father could a decade after his passing still bring me such comfort and joy. Would I have found equal happiness in a typed out correspondence... perhaps some but it was seeing my Fathers handwriting that touched me.. I gazed upon the paragraphs of his needing to get the trucks oil changed soon, and how the forecast called for more sunny days and mild temperatures ( Dad's sense of humor in letters home in December ) I read about the couple in trailer next door who's dog had a limp from fight with another critter.. in each letter Dad offers advice generic style ..."That issue you wrote about facing dear daughter"..and then just as generic styled offers his advice... " when you have confidence to stand firmly upon your own two feet, only then do you posses the strength to face the hurdles of what life has dealt you " I sat on floor of my apartment.. dumbfounded .. amazed... how a letter written 10+ years ago could still apply to what I'm facing now. I mulled this over for several days on how I could pass on this positive and thus this blog idea was born.

It's that time of year when we package, ship, and send abundances of packed up treasures to those we know and love for holiday cheer. In our haste to abide by the hustle and bustle of season, so many of us pick up store bought cards and quickly scribble our name at the bottom.. the purpose of today's post is to share that it isn't always the store bought gifts that bring the greatest wealth of treasures.

In a time of emails, text messages, fax, web cams , all menagerie of electronic instantaneous communication.. the hand written form is fading.I believe that instant communication has its place and does indeed better our way of life, but encourage you to also believe that the treasure of a hand written letter should never fade and fall out of practice. In this new year to come as you bustle to and fro in your rush of daily lives.. take just a moment to think of someone you care about ..sit down and pen them a few lines .. share the mundane business of what you think is important and know that quite possibly that small bit of time to talk about your take on handling life's experience's could be a important life treasure. Besides just think of the smile it might generate to find a "letter" in the mail amongst all the bills :))

Today's Poem:

When the world moves fast
and instant is eased
least not forget
tis another text to please

hand written dialog
just saying hello
may prove to be
a life's treasure you know

paper and pen
tools to make life better
for nothing makes me smile
like receiving a letter
( c ) Rosa Gardner

Thanks for reading! Have a great day :)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Vented View

When those you once trusted betray,
and leave your heart in painful dismay,
when ones you felt would see your view,
understand nothing and walk away from you
when hearts you embraced turn cruel and cold
Still for hope you must reach out and hold.

When trust is crushed, and judgements misplaced
still strive for positives and don a smiling face
strengthen your heart and reinforce your faith
believe theres still good to be found in this place

when broken, burned, and battered about
rise up from the ashes and have no doubt
when sadness encroaches it may take a while
but joy will reign again and life brings a smile .

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life's Thrills


Yep! Inspiration for a post has hit me at last and the consequence I pay for such a long dry spell? I'd forgotten my password for this blog! ha ha But persistence prevails and here is that wayward ramble rattling about my head long enough to post it to blog :D

Life's thrills- Those pinnacle moments in one's life that mark a notch in your heart and mind far exceeding the other highs and lows that occur in living. For example, your first kiss, a heartache,loss of virginity, the birth of a child, not necessarily a major moment in standard sense of life ... as my examples may imply.. but a moment in life to you personally that ascends to that highest level obtainable to be both sentimental and memorable for eternity to you. Those moments that..change you.

I have pondered my moments of life these past * insert number here * years and call it age or call it life's changes bringing forth a melancholy reminiscence of things, I began to wonder how interesting it would be to learn of what is a life's thrill to others.

I have had the standard example of course of first kiss, birth of my two sons, loss of family, death of marriage.. those moments of extreme high or low that stick with you for life. But I have also had monumental life thrill as in the night I heard David Csiszer perform "Simple Kindness" for the first time. To hear something I had written from my heart be sung to such fantastic musical melody.. a song born from friendship... That was a Life Thrill.

The very moment I stepped through customs and onto Australian soil having gone alone and succeeded is a moment I shall always recall with all the thrill as the moment it first occurred. My journey to Winnipeg as well as my first visit to Oregon to see Jaycatt and our first face to face moment in the airport is a moment in life I shan't ne'er forget. ...Bothell moments... Also, seeing my Father suffer his heart attack in front of me and my frozen inability to move as I watched my brother and Aunt do CPR on him a moment of time intense in my life. Reciting my poetry live in SL the first time was a thrill in life that reached that peak level. DJ-ing for the first time, and more recently my decision to move brought me such a moment. To venture away from old and the norm.. to fresh beginning of unknown.

We all have memories.. childhood stories, adolescent adventures, and grown up life tales the highs and lows of living but how many have those moments set higher ...or sadly lower.. than the rest? What are some of your life's thrills?

Life's Thrills:

Moments of time captured to heart
memories of feelings ne'er to part
snapshots of impact nothing can kill
cherish forever your life's thrill

Highs and lows the moments that change you
recalled in the mind most clearest in view
great joy and elation felt at its peak
or moments so low, no words to speak

minds memory hearts elation's
recalling feelings of times creation
personal scrapbook of life to fill
cherish forever your life's thrill

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time Marches On .....

Hello...*echos*..hello hello hello .... Yes its been quite a while since I have written on this blog.. events in my life killed my muse... I was in a pretty low place for a long while and firmly believed this blog should only be about positive or at least negatives with a slant of humor for things to say. I had to grieve.. heal ...and begin again. Its been a journey of many emotions I hope never to go through again. I am not the same as I was, nor ever will be. But I am stronger ... and in that .. lies a nice positive :) Sooooo here begins Rosa Rambles blog post #93!!

Time Marches On ..........

There was a time in my life where I , like most of us do in our youth, felt I was immortal.. ne'er a thought crossed my mind about the ramifications of daredevil stunts, or crazy zany shinanigins. Climbing a tree as a tomboy with the only thought in my mind being. how fast can I get to the top?? A world of ramp jumps on rickety bicycles willingly attempted for the mere taunt of a double dog dare! I even met my future.. and now ex .. husband on a dare. Yes.. there was a time...

Funny thing about time marching on .. you dont notice it dont hear it .. it just quietly plods along till one day you have THAT moment! Mine arrived June 23rd as I walked down the exit ramp of the same gigantic roller coaster Id been ridding for years before..

My legs were hands were sweaty ... and my forehead pounded like a jackhammer inflicting that one track thought to my mind .... DOH! DOH! DOH! DOH! When did this happen?

My love to ride the roller coasters .. daredevil heart.. I stood in line for 45 minutes.. watching those before me ascend to 310 feet in the air ... and plummet at 80 degree angle some 200+ feet to the ground below. I heard the screams.. the wails.. I had no thoughts as to my personal impending peril .. I looked to my kids and smiled and heard myself saying " This is gonna be sooo FUN!"

I board the coaster.. strapped in .. lock us down.. employee comes to check were intelligent enough to fasten a seatbelt.. yeah yah ya .. come on .. push the button already lets get this party started! wooot!......

We clink clink clink clink up the steep 310 foot ascent... a sound that recalls in me more feelings of comfort from my younger days than fear of what im about to subject myself too... the smooth release from the chain that drew us up the hill .. that rush of the wind on your face as your falling ... im still living in the moment the exhileration of senses.. anti gravity hang times.. we reach the bottom and rocket forward tilting sideways at 93mph.. and hit that first loop... and BANG .. i get that forehead slam of DOH DOH DOH ... down another hill and my tummy suddenly has that very green and not so good feeling ... another quick tilt to the left and I slide in my seat jarring my hip into the side of coaster.. OUCH .. hey .. when did that hurt before?? ... and the last super high speed spin and jet launch to from 70mph to 0 mph in 3.2 seconds.. finds my back being cracked and that eyeball widening experession is shown upon my face as my kids say " WOW that was...hey mom .. you ok?"

Sighs..... 20 years ago I was a daredevil ... not a care in the world ... 20 years later im standing in line for colossal coasters with quite minds thoughts of did I bring the asprin from the car... wheres the nearest trash can in case I need to hurl .. and my worst moment .. when I heard myself volunteer to hold the bags and save a 10 locker fee to avoid placing myself on a coaster that hurls me 80mph upside down 6 times to avoid the now certian headache Id endure as consequence.

*hangs head* Hello My name is Rosa and I am a former daredevil?? Ha ha probably not, for despite the headache, the hip ache, the back cracks, and the very concious awareness of walking all day in a theme park of giant steel monsters.. I still found joy in the adventure :) Time marches on and has left me with a bit more awareness of my limitations but the daredevil in me lives on and I'll still take that chance........ now and pursuit of that one thought goal .. how fast can I get to the top !!

Todays Poem: (Penned in a very lonely lost low moment of my life ) But life's much happier now
Dear Ol Lonliness:

Oh dear old Loneliness, why do you plague my life
weight upon my broken heart and fill my day with strife
Why do you show me others who have someone to hold
share their daily lives in pairs and hear sweet nothings often told

why must I face this role in life and on the path to roam
is it fates destiny that I'll always be alone
souls they come and souls they go each time I hope I'll see
a heart that truly cares and desires my company

but life is cruel, and timmings bad
moments of memories will be all thats had
Will I grow bitter and close up tight
withdrawl from friends and never feel right

I ache for a touch that never will be
I pine for a heart that doesnt for me
Tears, they flow and flood my soul
is this all there is or does fate have a goal ?

the music still plays but ive lost my feet
the melody rings yet the dance isnt sweet.

Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Best of Intentions

Who says the darndest things only come from kids?

Recently my teenage son and I ventured out to our local zoo to take in the sights, sounds and adventures.. little did I know it would be my own best of intentions that would cause the appearance of more adventure than wanted.

My son and I , while waiting in line for a tram ride at the zoo, a group of young kids, about 3-4 graders, and their parents came to occupy the bench next to ours. They were enjoying the zoo and decided to pick that particular time to recall all the birds they'd seen thus far in their day...from robins to barn owls they voiced the sound each animal had made. I happen to look over and see my son who was wearing a expression that indicated he wasnt all that pleased haha An avid video game enthusiast, my son had willingly left his controller to come and spend the day with me. He leans in and whispers some comment about the bird noises. I replied perhaps a bit too perky, they were just socializing ...its good to do that.

My son mumbles in typical teenager attitude.. he didnt want to be "social" today..and then it happened...that moment ...when you have the best of intentions........and it comes out the worst nightmare HA HA . As a large crowd of zoo visitors passes by my son and I .. I say to him.. ( intending to encourage his get out of the house and socialize idea ) " Aww it feels good to get out and expose yourself more to new people!" We heard the inital "gasps!" and a few giggles but it was the look on my sons face holding back a laugh I knew was imminent to explode that turned my cheeks three shades of red !

So in this time of woes and wonderments about life, love, and friendships its good to see Fate still has a sense of humor to keep us all smiling ;)

Todays Poem:

Best laid plans inside your head
realitys paths you travel instead
hear what I mean , not what I say
foot in my mouth, oh lord did I pay!